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My vision is to live a meaningful life that impacts positively on others.

Robert Adams

Skills that I offer

Listening to understand, empowering others, linking behaviour to values.

Would you like to better understand yourself and other people? Why is it people can sometimes seem so contrary and difficult to get on with? DISC personality profiling will help you discover the answers. DISC will help raise your self-awareness, build your confidence, enhance your communication skills and help raise your intrinsic self-worth.
Would you like to take more ownership of your life? Why is it some people live their lives as the perpetual victim, rescuer or persecutor? Mindfulness will help you better understand and relate to yourself, relate to others, and importantly relate to your past to bring that understanding into the present for a better quality life in the here and now.
Coaching has become a 'buzz' word in many areas, from education, voluntary and community sectors, to the corporate world. The CIPD show that coaching is ranked in the top three most effective learning and development practices. Coaching is an intensive activity that has the potential to supercharge your motivation, inspiration, goals, direction and personal growth.

Who is Robert Adams


Extensively published articles and short stories. ‘DISCover the Power of You’, published through John Hunt Publishing Ltd, ISBN: 978-1-78535-591-2. First novel ‘Fermented Spirits’ currently being published through Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd.


1st Class B.A. Honours Degree and a Masters in Fine Art. Taught at Edinburgh College of Art, and exhibited extensively. The Bench, and Myths and Moral Action - Virtual show 2020


Master Mindfulness Practitioner, Licensed DISC Trainer, PGCE (FE), and Stress Management Trainer, who has run large scale and intimate workshops. Online tantric and creative writing facilitator.

Change Enabler

Change Management and Project Management Practitioner Awards, with over 20 years’ leadership, management and coaching experience, backed up by a Masters in Education, a Masters in Diversity, Culture and Identity, and Life-Coaching and Spirituality Coaching Diplomas.

They say that the only true and able helper is one that has suffered themselves. Someone who has found their own way out of the ‘hole’ – discovering and using tools that work – who is then in a position to pass-it-on. Only when you have it can you start giving it away to others. This is precisely what Robert is doing – Take notice and believe, its powerful stuff!

Peter Mitchell
Yorkshire Coast Enterprise

Robert is able to listen carefully and ask the really important questions that can help you explore different ways of thinking and taking action. I am very grateful to Robert for the time that he invested in our sessions and for his genuine passion to help me move forward in achieving my goals.