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Robert’s training was professional and challenging.”  Dave Ireson, Director, Envisage Training.

“Great training once again, delivered by a professional – thanks from all at NR.”  Graham Radcliffe, Director, Northern Regeneration.

“The training sessions Robert delivered were valued by staff and I have also valued the leadership training – particularly the DISC aspect of this. We have never had any training of this kind before. Robert’s input over the last few months has had a big impact on how we work.”  Julie Salt, North East Lincolnshire Council.

Face to Face or Online Training

  • Are you lacking in focus or feeling stuck (in negative thinking, bad habits, or limiting beliefs)?
  • Are you struggling to grow, but not sure how or even why?
  • Are you (or your team) underperforming, making you feel disempowered and a victim of circumstance?

If any of these are you, then Robert can empathise. Because Robert has been there. That is why he has developed a range of face to face and  Online courses around personal and professional development. They will help you take back control, feel more purposeful and focussed, and add value to your life.

If you would like team development to support communication/conflict, motivation and improvement, or to raise awareness of equality and diversity, safeguarding and Prevent, stress and mindfulness please contact Robert direct

Equality and Diversity Case Study:

Embedding equality and diversity into adult education delivery. Delivered to 240 staff over 3 full day conferences. Delivery style was predominantly face to face, group activities, with some pre and post course work and discussion sessions through a designated eforum. Combining the Equalities Act 2010, the new Equalities Guidance for Education and Ofsted’s new Common Inspection Framework. This work was instrumental in the service securing an ‘outstanding’ judgment for equality and diversity in the 2010 inspection and an ‘outstanding’ for social inclusion in the 2012 inspection, which in turn resulted in sharing good practice in equality and diversity among the Yorkshire and Humber voluntary and community provider forums, which led directly to the service securing a £210k NEET and Pre-NEET contract through the Humber Learning Consortium.

See The 5 Benefits of Equality and Diversity in Business

Safeguarding and Prevent Case Study:

Embedded and contextualised safeguarding and Prevent, including British values and staying safe from radicalisation. Combining Adult Safeguarding, Mental Capacity Act 2005, Working Together to Safeguard Children, and the Prevent Strategy, particularly drawing connections between E&D and British values. Delivered to 120 staff over a number of day sessions. Delivery style used both face to face and e-learning. It was important to connect Safeguarding to the new Care Act (2014), the Equality Act (2010), the Counter Terrorism and Security Act (2015) and the Mental Capacity Act (2005) with the Education Act (2002) and Ofsted’s new Common Inspection Framework, within the context of the Human Rights Act (1998), and particularly the connection between poor practice and abuse. This training resulted in the East Riding Adult Safeguarding Board using good practice examples from the provider in their September 2015 newsletter. And was the springboard for my own future work as a Safeguarding Adviser.

See Embedding Prevent and Staying Safe from Radicalisation

Quality Improvement through Lead Team Development Case Study: 

Developing greater people-to-people insights and understanding around leadership and management styles can create enhanced communications, more harmonious relationships, increased trust and stronger bonds between employees and employer, and colleagues. Robert created his Unique Branded System – The V.A.L.O.R. Approach to Improvement, which he has utilised to support a number of teams to improve.

“Robert makes you question what you thought you knew and drives you to think new thoughts to take new approaches.”  Karen Linton, Director of Skills, North East Lincolnshire Council

VALOR Approach to Improvement online course

Once you have it you will have the discernment required to build a motivated and successful team.


Training Investment (for face-to-face sessions):

Safeguarding, Prevent, Equality and Diversity, Mindfulness and Stress Management.

Utilising DISC – Team Development, Communications and Conflict, Recruitment and Selection, and Leadership and Management.

Investment is dependant on individual need, the bespoke nature of the sessions and the number of attendees.

Please contact me direct for a quote.


“I was so totally focused and wrapped up in the activity … In three and a half years of organising the network this is only the second time that I have walked away feeling it met the high standards that I’ve been striving for. Thank you doesn’t really cover it Robert.”  Gill Carnell, Northallerton First Monday Business Network

Robert’s speaking engagements include:

  • Peterborough Spark; Business Network Forum.
  • North East Lincolnshire Council; Staff and Leadership Development Events.
  • Employment, Education and Skills; Staff and Leadership Development Events.
  • Scarborough Business Group; Networking/Open Event.
  • CU, Scarborough; Business Leadership and Management Programme.
  • Federation of Small Businesses; East Coast Branch Networking Event.
  • Northallerton Business Networking Forum.
  • Northstead School Enterprise Week.
  • Malton First Friday Club; Networking Event.