How to become unstuck

The 6 steps to becoming unstuck

This is the second in my series of mini ‘How to…’ ebooklets coming out of my book ‘DISCover the Power of You: How to cultivate a positive and productive culture.’ 

My hope is that these booklets will support you to progressively cultivate a positive and productive culture that will transform you, your team, your business and so transform the world we live in.

How to become unstuck will be extremely useful for individuals or for teams, and walks you through my 6 steps:

  1. acceptance,
  2. focussed attention,
  3. reflect,
  4. identify,
  5. challenge
  6. act.

These are very practical ‘How to …’ steps, with the addition of incisive questions to help you reflect on and evaluate your current position and future actions.

If you have indeed accepted that you (or your team) are stuck you will be aware that you need new strategies to become unstuck. These steps will allow you to do that and reduce your stress levels sufficiently to identify the rewards change will bring, enable you to focus, reflect and identify the key limiting beliefs holding you or your team back. You will then be in a strong position to challenge those limiting beliefs.

This is a repetitive process (over and over again) that will escalate you to greater and greater success.