Creative coaching & Creative cultures

“Robert provided a value for money service which was delivered professionally and most importantly it was very well received by the team. I would be happy to recommend Robert.”

Graham Ratcliffe, Director, Northern Regeneration

“Whilst supporting us at EES I had the opportunity to observe Robert’s personal impact on the team first hand as we worked through critical cultural change. He is very committed to delivering quality work that has had a positive impact on both individual and business performance.”

Sara Arnold, Employment Education and Skills Group Manager

“Robert makes you question what you thought you knew and drives you to think new thoughts to take new approaches.”

Karen Linton, Strategic Lead for Skills, North East Lincolnshire Council

“Robert’s ability to take a vision and turn it into a detailed plan of action that drove improvement was outstanding. He was able to sell the vision, motivate, and inspire staff to join him on the improvement journey. An excellent coach, loved by his team, with the ability to get the best out of people. A very authentic leader.”

Andrew Green, Deputy Principal Chichester College

How can I help you?

  • Support and challenge around values, beliefs and habit formation for individuals and organisations (specialising in middle-management team training and development).
  • Leadership and management development.
  • Speaking at development days or conferences.
  • Quality improvement and interventions.
  • In education, specialising in Safeguarding, Prevent and Equality and Diversity.

I help people face to face and through my online course offer at

And undertaken speaking engagements, such as:

  • Peterborough Spark; Business Network Forum.
  • North East Lincolnshire Council; Staff and Leadership Development Events.
  • Employment, Education and Skills; Staff and Leadership Development Events.
  • Scarborough Business Group; Networking/Open Event.
  • CU, Scarborough; Business Leadership and Management Programme.
  • Federation of Small Businesses; East Coast Branch Networking Event.
  • Northallerton Business Networking Forum.
  • Northstead School Enterprise Week.
  • Malton First Friday Club; Networking Event.

You know how demotivating and frustrating it is when you are not reaching your goals, either in life or in your business? Well, I’ve been there too.

And that’s why I’ve created my Unique Branded System – The V.A.L.O.R. Approach to Improvement. Once you have it you will have the discernment required to build a motivated and successful life or business.

VALOR Approach to Improvement online course

Consultancy to gain insight.

The benefits of consultancy is that it offers you the power to gain focus, improve performance, improve outcomes, and develop yourself or your team for improved sustainability and progress.

From an organisational point of view, consultancy matched to coaching can maximise potential taking companies and teams from average to excellent. This is especially true when enhanced through DISC personality profiling.

Developing greater people-to-people insights and understanding around leadership and management styles can create enhanced communications, more harmonious relationships, increased trust and stronger bonds between employees and employer, colleagues, business and life-partners, and within yourself.

What can I do for your bottom-line?

For high performing businesses there is a need for effective individual and ‘team’ leadership and management with high levels of personal insight; business challenges, interpersonal relationships, long term security and high standards can be in conflict or can be seen as complementary drivers. I can guarantee that the time and money invested will give you the space to be ‘heard’ that will enable you to better discern your ‘purpose and values’, improve creativity and productivity which provides a solid platform to continually expand and grow your own potential or the potential of your team or your business.

What levels of staffing and interaction can I deliver to?

I can offer one-to-one or group work, or one-to-many through speaking or my online course offer. From a cost effectiveness perspective you might want to consider starting with group or team development moving towards personal development. I can work with as many staff as required.

A case study, as an example, would be:

When I was seconded to lead a College through successful Action for Business Colleges accreditation; only the 6th college to achieve the award. This necessitated running over a dozen sessions with 50 participants each (over 600 staff in total). Recognition of the award resulted in me undertaking consultation and support work for other College’s seeking AfBC accreditation, and national conferencing through the National Consortium of Colleges, Learning and Skills Council and the Learning and Skills Improvement Services.

How will consultancy or training be delivered?

This will be dependent on the needs of you, the client. It is likely I will spend some time in your company leading on certain aspects, or running whole day conference delivery. Or it might be that you would prefer a wholly online approach?

A case study, as an example, would be:

Setting up ‘cause for concern’ mechanisms to support safeguarding policy and requirements, the education and skills sector, including running contextualised safeguarding training that covered Adult Safeguarding, Mental Capacity Act (2005), Children’s Safeguarding, Sexual Exploitation and the Prevent Strategy. Delivered to 120 staff over 10 full day sessions. Delivery style used both face to face and e-learning. It was important to connect Safeguarding to the new Care Act (2014), the Equality Act (2010), the Counter Terrorism and Security Act (2015) and the Mental Capacity Act (2005) with the Education Act (2002) and Ofsted’s new Common Inspection Framework, within the context of the Human Rights Act (1998), and particularly the connection between poor practice and abuse. This training resulted in the East Riding Adult Safeguarding Board using good practice examples from the provider in their September 2015 newsletter.

Will the consultancy or training impact on excellence and offer value for money?

Yes, absolutely.

A case study, as an example, would be:

Equality and diversity training to the adult education sector, covering equality, diversity, social inclusion and community cohesion. Delivered to 240 staff over 3 full day conferences. Delivery style was predominantly face to face, group activities, with some pre and post course work and discussion sessions through a designated eforum. Training was run in light of the new Equalities Act (2010), the new Equalities Guidance for Education and Ofsted’s new Common Inspection Framework. This work was instrumental in the service securing an ‘outstanding’ judgment for equality and diversity in the 2010 inspection and an ‘outstanding’ for social inclusion in the 2012 inspection, which in turn resulted in sharing good practice in equality and diversity among the Yorkshire and Humber voluntary and community provider forums, which led directly to the service securing a £210k NEET and Pre-NEET contract through the Humber Learning Consortium.