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Transforming people, transforming the world we live in.

“Robert has helped me look at how I interact with different people I work with, both staff and volunteers, and putting in to place some of the DISC learning has shown great results.”  Emma Smailes, Senior Development Officer, Federation of Small Businesses

“Robert makes you question what you thought you knew and drives you to think new thoughts to take new approaches.”  Karen Linton, Director of Skills, North East Lincolnshire Council

“Whilst supporting us at EES I had the opportunity to observe Robert’s personal impact on the team first hand as we worked through critical cultural change. He is very committed to delivering quality work that has had a positive impact on both individual and business performance.”  Sara Arnold, Employment Education and Skills Group Manager

The benefits to you is that Robert offers you the power to gain focus, improve performance, improve outcomes, and develop yourself or your team for improved progress and growth.

Coaching, when enhanced through DISC personality profiling and mindfulness, is a powerful combination.

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“Robert has worked long and hard on this book and has produces a piece of work that is close to his heart. With his in-depth knowledge of DISC personality profiling Robert gives some unique examples of how this powerful tool can be uses within the multi-cultural society we live.”  David Pill B.Ed. and DISC European Master Trainer

“If you are looking for something that makes sense of what has gone before and gives you a tool to make a real, long lasting change, culture change, within your organisation, then you have found it here.”  Jayne Wilcock, East Riding of Yorkshire Council

DISC overview

If you would like a personal DISC assessment, or team assessment , or team development using DISC to support communication and reduced conflict, motivation and improved performance, please contact Robert direct;


Investment dependent on bespoke needs. Please speak to me, or email me, directly for a quote.