Creative coaching & Creative cultures

“Robert’s coaching was enlightening and extremely practical in supporting me with time management issues.”

C.C. Smallwood, Education

“Thank you for being such a good coach, Robert. You were instrumental in me getting my new job and assisting me in focussing, for which I am very appreciative.”

J. Millichip, Finance

You know how dissatisfying and confusing it is when things are just not progressing in your life or your business? Yes, I’ve been there.

And that is why I created Creative Coaching Creative Cultures. I help people discover and gain insight about their own inherent power; to make positive changes in YOUR life or YOUR business. Small changes for big transformation. But more importantly you will have discovered the power of YOU.

How can I help you?

  • Individual development and coaching
  • Leadership development and coaching
  • Team development and coaching
  • Organisational development
  • Enhanced communication and motivation
  • Coaching for performance training

Coaching, like all creative activities, is more than a set of skills. Coaching is a mindset; a growth mindset. Whether that be for your learning and development, to expand your business opportunities, or to support any activities in your life or business that has become ‘stuck’. You will become unstuck and you will develop your growth mindset, leading to a more powerful YOU.

A good framework for becoming unstuck and transforming your life is my A.C.A.C.I.A. framework, coming out of my ebook DISCover your Animal Magic: The 6 steps to support small changes for big transformation.

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How will coaching benefit you or your business?

Coaching is goal orientated to improve performance. This is done through bringing a focus to your goals, your values or your limiting beliefs that are stopping you or your team achieving bottom-line expectations. The purpose is not to reach you or your team’s potential but to continuously expand that potential.

Who is involved in setting the goals?

You are in the driving seat. You are in control. The role of the coach is to offer focus, challenge and pace relevant to your needs as the client.

How does it actually work in practice?

Coaching can be done over the phone, via Skype, or face to face (or as a starting point through my ebook). Each session initially follows a set format based on the GROW model that moved from the Goal, to the Reality of the current situation, to Options and then what you Will actually do. This model ensures that each session enables you to take the appropriate step/s towards your BIG Goal.

Why should you undertake coaching?

As mentioned above coaching is about expanding your potential. Businesses and to a great extent individuals know how to ensure efficiencies and gain competencies. But why settle for these? Coaching supports the development of creativity, imagination and transformation. It challenges us to progress either individually or organisationally. The world is evolving and coaching offers a process to shape YOUR part in the world.