Creative coaching & Creative cultures

Coaching for Growth.

Transforming people, transforming the world we live in.

“Robert is able to listen carefully and ask the really important questions that can help you explore different ways of thinking and taking action. I am very grateful to Robert for the time that he invested in our sessions and for his genuine passion to help me move forward in achieving my goals.”  Mirel Duta, Life Coach and NLP Practitioner

“Robert is a fantastic life & business coach and I always finished his sessions motivated to achieve all actions set. I always looked forward to our coaching sessions and this has been apparent in my recent successes. Thank you Robert for your support.” Ian Rose, Motivational Speaker, Business Coach and Paralympic Medallist

“I was surprised how having someone who kept returning me to my priorities demonstrated how caught up I was in negating what was essential to help me perform at a high level AND look after myself. I have become that much clearer and focused as to what I want to be doing and how to get there. Thank you Robert for working with me, your patience and your insight.”  Moira Sugden, Lecturer and Social Work Practice.


The main groups I support, where I have a breadth of knowledge and experience, are:

  1. LGBT individuals with identity, confidence, addiction or family issues; individuals who might feel anxious, stressed, depressed or disempowered. Or LGBT people who are simply looking to grow.
  2. Creative individuals (artists/authors) who are stuck, lacking direction or focus, struggling to grow and not knowing why, or again people who might feel anxious, stressed or depressed.


To further support these two groups, I also work with:

  1. Vol/Com and Charity organisations that work with LGBT or Creative communities; helping people grow or overcome feelings of anxious, stressed or depressed.
  2. Larger organisations who wish to support their staff who may be experiencing issues around identity, confidence, addiction, creativity or direction and focus, leading them to feel anxious, stressed or depressed.


See a selection of Robert’s articles:


“Robert’s coaching was enlightening and extremely practical in supporting me with my issues.”  C.C. Smallwood, Education

“Thank you for being such a good coach, Robert. You were instrumental in me getting my new job and assisting me in focussing, for which I am very appreciative.”  J. Millichip, Finance


You know how dissatisfying and confusing it is when things are just not progressing in your life? Well, I do. I’ve been there. 

Since 2015, when I set up my coaching business, I have been influencing individual people and teams towards making shifts in their values, beliefs, behaviours and outcomes.

With specialist knowledge in DISC personality profiling/ psychological assessment, stress management, coaching and mindfulness, and years of experience in educational leadership and management, learning and development, coaching and personal growth, I help people DISCover and gain insight about their own inherent power; to make positive changes in their life.

Small changes can lead to big transformation

You can DISCover the Power of You.

DISCover the Power of You: How to cultivate change for positive and productive cultures 

published through John Hunt Publishing Ltd, August 2017. ISBN: 978-1-78535-591-2

“They say that the only true and able helper is one that has suffered themselves. Someone who has found their own way out of the ‘hole’ – discovering and using tools that work – who is then in a position to pass-it-on. Only when you have it can you start giving it away to others. This is precisely what Robert is doing – Take notice and believe, its powerful stuff!”  Peter Mitchell, Yorkshire Coast Enterprise

So, what investment do you need to make?

Time and financial;

(1) the time to attend each session, the time to reflect and develop, the time to put actions into practice to make the changes wanted to take you closer to the life you truly want. Taking the time to take responsibility for your own life. For only through responsibility can we gain empowerment.

(2) the financial investment required – please note, each person and situation is unique, as such, the investment will vary depending on employed/unemployed/sole trader/SME/Organisation status. Speak to me directly for a quote.

How and where are the coaching sessions undertaken?

Generally individual sessions are via Skype or over the phone. That way I can work with people anywhere across the world.

However, should you be looking for face-to-face sessions, or team sessions if you are an organisation, I live in the Scarborough area of North Yorkshire, UK.