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Mindfulness for gay men

 In my article Self-awareness for gay men I spoke about raising confidence to empower ourselves for a better future.   The mechanics of raising self-awareness are fairly straightforward (see The 5 Steps to Greater Self-Awareness): Take the time for self-reflection. Better understand your emotions. Know your own strengths and weaknesses (gain feedback). Know your personality […]

The best way to choose your pet

Research shows us that kissing our dogs increases the bonding hormone oxytocin and lowers cortisol, resulting in a reduction in stress levels. This is great news for all us dog lovers in the world as it matches to the findings in neuroscience which shows us that high levels of cortisol are present when we display […]

Embedding Prevent and keeping learners safe from radicalisation

In my article How can students articulate what Prevent means to them? I articulated the connection between British values and E&D to support embedding. But let’s be clear why we are doing this.   Yes, we want to keep out learners safe!   But, really, what we want is to improve the quality of our […]

Self-awareness for gay men – ending the crisis

Owen Jones in his excellent article, back in 2016, Gay men are battling a demon more powerful than HIV – and it’s hidden notes a key issue for gay men is the toxic combination of mental distress (from culturally induced and internalised shame), drugs and alcohol abuse.   Shame can lead to many different responses; […]

How men can raise their self-awareness to avoid a crisis.

There are two things I mention in my article The 4 steps to managing a midlife crisis that have raised particular interest.   The notion that men in particular seem to have made a rod for their own back.   The connection I draw to raised self-awareness.   So let’s look at each of these. […]

How to be one of the 30% (or less!)

A study by John P. Kotter in the Harvard Business Review in 1995 revealed a 70% rate of failure within organisations in terms of sustainable change initiatives. Yes, a 70% failure rate.   But that was 1995. Things have moved on since then, surely!   In a 2014 Deloitte study, the reported aggregate success rate […]

How to improve your organisation-wide workforce development strategy

It would be hard if you are in the education sector to have missed the report published this week by the Department for Education (DfE), Teaching, leadership and governance in Further Education  Research report  by Prof David Greatbatch and Sue Tate.   The report highlights some key challenges facing the further education (FE) sector. Not […]

How to pick the right personality for your team

I read a great article the other day 9 Reasons You Should Hire for Personality Instead of Experience by Maria Mkrtchyan, published in StartUp Mindset, and I couldn’t agree more with her assertion to hire for personality instead of experience.   However, it got me to wonder if people would really know which personality would […]

How to grow in confidence

I have just been reading The Art of Happiness, by HH The Dalai Lama and Howard C Cutler, and came across one of the Dalai Lama’s quotes on ‘I don’t know’. It reminded me that I’d used this very statement in one of the chapters in my own book DISCover the Power of You.   […]

How to sustain the energy flow in your business

It is becoming more widely recognised that leaders need to spend more time getting to grips with their own personality (the old adage, know thyself, is paramount) and the personality of the organisation (that is, the culture).   This way leaders can better direct the energy flow and relationship networks, that is, the “accumulation of […]