How to set New Year resolutions that DO succeed

December is generally seen as a time to reflect.

  • What has happened over the past year?
  • What can you learn from this?
  • What will you do in the new year?


December is also a time to consider your new year resolutions and plan for your future. It is a time (as in winter wonderland) to purify yourself and clarify your thoughts for this coming future.


However, new year’s resolutions rarely succeed!


In my earlier article Why setting goals is not as effective as we think it should be I explained that self-awareness is the missing piece that ensures good goal setting, especially knowing our personality traits which have such a huge impact on our behaviour.

From a DISC perspective:


D’s (dominants) can often take a ‘ready, fire, aim’ approach. Always ready for the next challenge. Shoot from the hip. Any action is better than no action. But have we taken the time to consider if we are focussed on the right goal?


I’s (influencers) can often take a ‘ready, fire, fire’ approach. Always ready for the next and the next and the next. Oh what fun it is to be active. But have we even considered any focus what so ever?


S’s (steadiness) can often take a ‘ready, ready, ready’ approach. Always and never ready. Just let’s consider that. Are you sure we are doing the right thing? I really quite like it here, where we are, thank you very much.


C’s (conscientious) can often take a ‘ready, aim, aim’ approach. Always ready. But let’s just consider the risk involved here. Ok, so let’s plan for this. Have we done a plan to plan that out. Have we fine tuned our plan, to plan things out?


Is it any wonder New Year resolutions so rarely succeed?


I wrote;


“The trick is to find a mechanism that supports us to do this is a way that suits our individual needs while also challenging us to see the impact we are having on others as we progress through our life journey.”


This connects to my article LGBT, and taking the steps beyond socialisation where I discuss the need to shift from deficiency to growth, and from being internally to externally focussed.


Bringing it all together


So, rather than having a goal that fills some void in the self (ie, coming from a deficiency in something), set goals that are centred around how we positively impact on others. This will offer a greater sense of significance, connectedness and fulfilment.


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