DISCover the Power of You, or The Magician and the Story Teller

Once upon a time in a land not that far distant from our own there lived a great magician who had secret people reading powers.


This magician, unlike all the other magicians of the time, decided he wanted to work with normal people rather than with ill people. This was very novel and certainly a little un-normal. Our magician had a varied and interesting life; from inventing the Lie Detector, creating the fictional character Wonder Woman, and advocating Modern Behavioural Science (an early illustration of DISC Theory – see my YouTube link).

Our magician was known as Dr. William Marston.


Dr. Marston published his book The Emotions of Normal People in 1928 and transformed our understanding of people. Initially his people reading powers were only really understood by a small group of psychologists and psychiatrists, and so remained a secret from the peoples of the land. However, as time progressed and the magicians work became more widely discussed, researched and refined the potential of this great magicians’ work was more readily understood in the field of leadership and management, personal development and in the world at large.


In a neighbouring town there lived an anonymous story teller, who came from a long line of story tellers in the oral tradition of the time. With advancements in technology, virtual storage and almost instantaneous access to information the work of storytelling was called into question. Our story teller contemplated going into retirement, but had suffered great losses during the pensions collapse and so persisted in his chosen field.


One day our story teller was lamenting the demise of his profession and was overheard by a number of researchers interested in the field of neuroscience and especially neuroscience for leadership. And so it came to pass that our researchers became authors and story tellers in their own right, ‘the ability to influence’ they said ‘is a more powerful tool than the power to command’.


It was  well known by ‘the many’ that communication was crucial to good leadership and so the ability to influence others (see my article DISCover the 6 Steps to Better Communication, first published in Ezine Articles). What was less well known, especially by our leaders, was how important story telling was to communication. Our story teller was ecstatic to find others who appreciated his vocation, although a little bemused that it had taken prominent researchers and authors all this time to confirm what tradition had always and already known.


And so it was that our great magician had foreseen what our story teller had taken as a given.


Brining it all together

DISC is an extremely powerful tool that has the potential, especially when further strengthened by new findings in the brain sciences, to drive effective communication and reduce conflict, support self and leadership development, and enhance business practices and sustainability.


DISCover the Power of You “leads you through a powerful journey of self-discovery, one that shows you the importance of self-awareness, how to create a culture where staff can perform at the highest level and more importantly a culture where staff feel rewarded, and empowered to make a difference.” Andrew Green, CEO Brighton Film School and Deputy Principal, Chichester College


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