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How to develop a mindset of the possible

It was refreshing to read a while back Helena Morrissey, Chair of The Investment Association, call for the investment industry to recognise and value what people bring to the business. This of course could be extrapolated out to all sectors. Nurturing and development is fundamental when “talent is the greatest asset” companies have.   However, […]

Where your front line meets your bottom line

I was sitting in the offices of a business the other day and couldn’t help overhear a one-sided telephone conversation by one of the reception staff which went something like this; “Oh I don’t really know”, “I’m not sure, I haven’t been told”, “It might, but no way to tell at the moment”, “I’ll try […]

DISCover who our politicians really are

It would be hard not to notice the amount of press space given over the Prime Minister, Theresa May, since she took over the Conservative Party and especially now in this the day of the General Election. Ever since the Tory Party Conference there have been suggestions that Theresa May needs to reveal more of […]

How to develop high performing teams

  Great leaders know that without a high level of interdependence teams lack the cohesion, focussed drive and combined might to achieve great things.   But here’s the big misconception; that teams achieve more when there is balance and an absence of conflict.   Let us first consider Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.   Maslow […]

How to embed fun and play into decision making

   Here’s the big misconception.   Fun and play should be left behind when making serious business decisions.   Let’s begin by taking a short tour of the main gods of fun and play!   For mythology is littered with gods of fun and play. You only have to consider Zeus, the great king of […]

How to ensure your success formula does not lead to decline

Many of you will be well aware of the story of Icarus.   Icarus was the son of Daedalus, a master craftsman and creator of the Labyrinth. Daedalus constructed the labyrinth as a prison for the Minotaur (half-man, half-bull), born of the wife of King Minos and the Cretan Bull. But Daedalus and Icarus later […]

How storytelling works

  The power of storytelling has always been understood (consider oral history as I mentioned in my article The Magician and the story teller).   But here’s the rub.   Neuroscience has finally caught up with our oral tradition and now shows us just ‘how’ our brains mirror some of the activities within stories. These […]

DISCover the Power of You, or The Magician and the Story Teller

Once upon a time in a land not that far distant from our own there lived a great magician who had secret people reading powers.   This magician, unlike all the other magicians of the time, decided he wanted to work with normal people rather than with ill people. This was very novel and certainly […]

Where do emotions come from and why do we have them?

I wrote an articles What can we do to ensure our responses are appropriate, empowering, skilful and characterful? which certainly fired up some debate around emotions.   This article takes a closer look at where emotions come from and why we have them.   So let’s be clear to start, emotions have a chequered past. […]

What can we do to ensure our responses are appropriate, empowering, skilful and characterful?

I had an altercation the other day when out walking Mona, our dog.   She was set upon by a smaller but vicious dog. And although the other dog was on a lead, it was on an extendable one and so was able to take a run and jump at Mona.   In a state […]