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How storytelling works

  The power of storytelling has always been understood (consider oral history as I mentioned in my article The Magician and the story teller).   But here’s the rub.   Neuroscience has finally caught up with our oral tradition and now shows us just ‘how’ our brains mirror some of the activities within stories. These […]

DISCover the Power of You, or The Magician and the Story Teller

Once upon a time in a land not that far distant from our own there lived a great magician who had secret people reading powers.   This magician, unlike all the other magicians of the time, decided he wanted to work with normal people rather than with ill people. This was very novel and certainly […]

Where do emotions come from and why do we have them?

I wrote an articles What can we do to ensure our responses are appropriate, empowering, skilful and characterful? which certainly fired up some debate around emotions.   This article takes a closer look at where emotions come from and why we have them.   So let’s be clear to start, emotions have a chequered past. […]

What can we do to ensure our responses are appropriate, empowering, skilful and characterful?

I had an altercation the other day when out walking Mona, our dog.   She was set upon by a smaller but vicious dog. And although the other dog was on a lead, it was on an extendable one and so was able to take a run and jump at Mona.   In a state […]

5 Steps to Silence

  “By nature volatile and discordant, the human animal looks to silence for relief from being itself while other creatures enjoy silence as their birthright.” John Gray, The Silence of Animals   Irrespective of what John Gray says, most human beings seem determined to fill the gaps in those quiet moments at all costs. We […]

How to better connect with your inner voices.

  So here I am chilling with a G&T in one hand, Jen Sincero’s book in the other and Mona, our dog, lying by my feet. Idyllic.  I’ve had a busy productive week coaching and today is my chill out day when I can sit and contemplate in peace and quiet. And then it happens! […]

How to find your niche (I’m telling you, experience it)

Have you ever told someone what to do, only to go back later and find they did it wrong/ didn’t hear you right/ can’t remember what you said? Well that’s hardly surprising! We know that when you ‘tell’ people something they only retain 10% of the information. Whereas when people ‘experience’ something for themselves they […]

Why changing habits is difficult, and the 4 steps to making it happen.

  Changing habits is notoriously difficult.   This is because we live most of our lives on ‘automatic pilot’, ie, through our default habits. For most of life this makes sense as it stops us wasting our energy focused on things that can work efficiently without too much attention; walking, eating, driving and a host […]

Have you ever asked yourself “Why are things conspiring to hold me back?”

  There are lots of articles and theories on what and who is holding us back, and as someone who likes to think of himself as a learning and growth orientated person I’ve spent much time reading many of them.   So, let’s look at this a bit closer shall we.   The critical thinker, […]

What are limiting beliefs? And how do we get rid of them? 

Limiting beliefs are those things that we believe, but which hold us back in some way from achieving what we truly want. I say ‘truly’ because often what we think we want is no more than what we have accepted as the norm; what we believe we should want.   Limiting beliefs are those ‘should’s’. […]