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How to reduce stress around sexual identity

It has long been accepted that the strain of ones sexual orientation (identity, attraction, behaviour) can make for stress vulnerability.   But hold on a minute, lets clarify a few points.   First, stress. We hear this word banded about, but what do we actually mean when we talk of stress? The word ‘stress’ is […]

How to set New Year resolutions that DO succeed

December is generally seen as a time to reflect. What has happened over the past year? What can you learn from this? What will you do in the new year?   December is also a time to consider your new year resolutions and plan for your future. It is a time (as in winter wonderland) […]

LGBT, and taking the steps beyond socialisation

Morris Massey put forward the notion that there are three key stages in development, which sits very much within the traditional model of child development, such as Kieran Egan’s Cognitive Tools Theory.   First there is the copying or imprinting stage. This stage is usually seen to last until about seven years of age. Through […]

How to build self-worth

Coming out can be traumatic for some and a breeze for others. There are as many experiences as there are people who have come out as LGBT+. The concern, anxiety or stress many feel in coming out tends to have two aspects (1) the practical responses of others, and (2) what this means for our […]

How reframing helps us change

In my recent article How free are you: Limiting beliefs and how to modify them I suggested that the key is to clarify your current beliefs so you can determine what future beliefs you would like to hold and enact. I offered a who, how, what approach through which to do this, where who equates […]

Practicing the art of imperfect communication

In my article, DISCover the 6 steps to better communication, published in ezine articles, I covered the six areas of knowing your default communication style, listening, clarity of speech, non-verbal, written and story telling.   I finished the articles by stating, “Communication has no quick fix, but does have predictable approaches that can minimize confusion […]

How free are you? Limiting beliefs and how to modify them.

In my article Why do we undermine ourselves? And what can we do about it? I noted that too often, as people, we do a great job at undermining ourselves. I spoke in that article of the relationship between our emotions and our cognitive processes, and how we undermine our own self-worth through such things […]

Lost and Found

There is an old saying ‘lost and found, lost and found man’ which connects some-what to a hippy transcendental, drug induced journey to there and back again.   But sometimes we need a little bit of help on the return journey.   Sometimes we get well and truly lost and confused.   At that point […]

Sometimes we’re not so glad to be gay

Just over a year ago now the Office of National Statistics published it’s report stating that people who identify as lesbian, gay and bisexual rate the quality of their life lower than the UK average (ie, lower than their straight counterparts, see ONS link – the data does not include trans people).   So what […]

How value identification can help the development of LGBT people

It was Carl Rogers who first coined the term introjected values in connection to our ‘conditions of worth’. He believed introjected values got in the way of people developing and becoming true to themselves.   In essence, we adopt the values others put onto us. They are the things we ‘should be’, ‘shouldn’t be’, ‘should […]